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Welcome to GIOJOSO 

Heal, Relax, Recover, Re-Energize

With CBD


     CBD Products

GIOJOSO brings to you the highest quality, CBD products available. Our hemp is organically grown from licensed Kentucky and Colorado farms under the strictest USDA and state guidelines and is manufactured in an FDA registered facility. Tested from seed to final product through 3rd party lab testing. 99.4% pure and 0% THC.

GIOJOSO, its products and this website are compliant with all federal, state and local regulations in addition to being compliant with all U.S. banking regulations.

GIOJOSO's products are the real deal!   Safe and High Quality!!!

CBD Skin Care and Pain Salves

Advanced formula topicals enriched with essential oils, terpenes and our pure CBD for your skin, men's beards and pain management.

0% THC

CBD Tinctures, Capsules and Edibles

Uniquely formulated tinctures and capsules blended with pure CBD to help you enjoy life. Don't forget to view our CBD-infused gummies, coffee and chocolate bars.

 0% THC

CBD Pet Oils and Treats

Formulated for our pets, we offer CBD oil and uniquely formulated grain free treats so they can enjoy the same benefits as the rest of the family.

0% THC

CBD for Fitness

Uniquely formulated capsules blended with pure CBD for pre-workout, post-workout and

total body.

0% THC 

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